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banners made with love=)
and ....

A close to Giant Star 2008! OH NO! Zoe's gonna disappoint again? She din win the grand prize.

BUT, she got something else. TOP 3 and both subsidary prizes. Most radiant complextion (Loreal) and Most beautiful smile (Lion). Never expected to clinch both sub prizes cause thought it wouldn be allowed or unfair. So Zoe din get 10k. She got 1K cash for being in TOP 3, 1K worth of Loreal Vouchers and $500 cash from Lion corp.

(There was a pre-judging by the sponsorers before the show commence. So we were without a tinge of makeup! Guess im lucky lucky!)

Zoe wants to thank the people who made it happened. They were cheering so much i could hear it backstage. Other contestants even told me that, "Can hear your name being called!!!".

Its so sweet. Thank you Zonia, my sister, who handed out the tickets. Thanks Gugu who has always been there for my competition(s). Thanks BAZ for making the sweet cheer, and coming down with Jie to support. Thanks PURINK for making the sweet bright ZOE & CHEN JIE MIN posters! (I saw them!). Thanks Esther and her friends!

THANKS to brandon who came despite being sick. So sweet!!! And Peter and Darryl who support as well. YOU C1000's Albert came as well. Weeee~
You guys made me feel like im a big winner=)

P/s: im glad i din disappoint my lil cousins. I was so afraid they will cry if i din get anything. im glad i made those smiles on their faces=)

P/ps: Catch Giant star 2008 will be screened on 13th July. Time TBC, Channel TBC. Gotta go check out! hehe.

Thank you for those who smsed me to wish me luck and those who tagged to encourage me! =)

(how can i forget these sweet people!)

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