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Monday, December 10, 2012

Breakfast at AXA.


Bringing you another collection from De Owlet today! Starting off with my favorite casual from them. This comfy lycra top with sequinned collar and lil pocket.


Another manufactured that I love is this jumper for year end parties. Instead of going in the usual pretty dresses, I may just opt for the coolio jumpers like these ones here. 

High Low skirts! Tribal one is my pick.

Also in the launch are blazers! 


I like this red one cause it's really classy and outstanding. If you prefer your blazers in safer colors, there's black and white ones too. The blazer is slightly longer than our usual ones, very doctor lol! 


Got to repost this toga dress which was featured at the recent Christmas compilation post. I feature this again for those who plan to go colored and happy for year end parties!


Ending the post with this ruffles dress which everyone was raving about during the shoot! The color dye piece is really dainty and looks really expensive yet at a fraction of the price you pay at boutiques. 

Shop De Owlet!


Breakfast at Tanjong Pagar before work! Miss the food there after we moved office for months now. We used to have breakfast at Taiwan Snack at AXA Tower every morning. Do try them out! (:

P/s: Like my white teeth? These are the awesome effects of #DarlieExpertWhite - Scientifically Proven 3X Whitening Effects here!

Miss it so much that I ordered 2 dishes!

photo 2 (26)

Ztyle of The Day
Criss Cross Front Dress: Val Breeze
Watch: Omega
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Bugis Village

This dress has the prettiest front design! I think it's really sexy and accentuates bust figure of the less endowered yet sweet at the same time cause of it's pastel shade.

photo 4 (18)
Picture at client's!

photo (6)
A closer shot of the front details and nude face.

1 last shot of my outfit of the day! (:

photo 3 (23)

Hope your Monday been good! Mine has been awesome so far (:

I always shop my loots from and Victoria's Secret via Vpost! Love Shopping Online but always sad they don’t ship to Singapore? You can now buy it and use vPost to ship them over! Read here for instructions! (:

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