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Hey readers;

What do you think it takes to be MISS MAXIM? (Yes, that male mag that girls nowadays buy too!)

Sizzling hot with a great bod. Besides this main factor, brains does matter too right! She cant be a bimbo huh. She needs to be able to converse well! To the media which she's going to be exposed to after the crowning!

I know just the person! My sexy girlfriend is in the running of Miss Maxim 2008!

She speaks fluently, express herself well. Most importantly, She's hot.

So do me, do us a favour. Want to see someone worth the crowning? Someone good enough for the cover of Maxim?

VOTE VOTE VOTEEEEEE! For Christabel Fernandez!

i have done my part. So should you.
You have seen the pictures. Do the little typing now! =)

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